Maestra Inmobiliaria case study

Maestra Real Estate has more than 15 years of experience building homes. Delivering more than 27,000 homes. Years of experience in the real estate and construction industry have transformed Maestra into a leader and currently positioning itself in MIAMI (Multifamily Buildings).

Pain and challenges:

On the road to Digital Transformation Maestra Inmobiliaria is faced with the need to integrate all information systems into a single platform. Their Sales, After Sales, Finance, etc. systems were disintegrated, so the main need was to unite all these information points.


Our proposed solution is CEM Dinside -Customer Experience Management- which is a mix between CRM and BPM. Our model allows to centralize and automate some processes such as the integration of communication channels, integration of satellite systems that the company has, such as its financial system, sales or marketing. Once centralized, we improve the user and customer experience, as they are linked in a single chain, obtaining the KPIs and indicators that allow us to measure inward and outward.

BPM has a configuration and automation of areas, processes, sub-processes, phases and tasks. In such a way that it allowed a configuration in a short time to systematize/automate the processes of Maestra Inmobiliaria. All analogous processes, which were previously processed manually and with paper documentation, PlanDnside systematizes them through an App.

Once we had the indicators, we designed a customized Dashboard, which allowed us to visualize this information for decision making and KPIs vision.

Our model is intuitive and customer-focused.

We invite you to watch Andrea Donoso’s video testimonial!

We invite you to learn about the journey we took with our client throughout the process!

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