Training platform and collaborative knowledge system, interacting with gamification tools to improve user experience.

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Course uploads, Onboarding and tailor-made workshops

With the platform Dinside Knowledge® you can truly manage the learning of all your teams. You will be able to upload all types of training, in a collaborative way, so that your teams can access and evaluate the contents and therefore, you will be able to manage it in an easy and intuitive way.
You will have your entire company in the comfort of the Keywords or key words to find phases of your processes and make them more optimal.

Dinside Knowledge
Knowledge PlanDinside Dashboard

Easy and intuitive

  • Course load, onboarding, tailor-made workshops.
  • Search bar to filter the data you need in a matter of minutes. You have a search engine at your complete disposal!
  • Dashboard, statistics and online management indicators for decision making.

Gamify your training

Dinside Knowledge®, in addition to being an E-learning software, it connects with entertaining learning systems, making training dynamic, thanks to our Gamification model.

Turn your training material into an entertaining adventure, through the use of trivia, challenges, missions, points and rewards, to activate the gamer in us.

Main Functions

No matter the industry, we adapt to your company.

When customers decide to use Dinside Knowledge

85% Engagement

Your organization will have a new way of interacting with collaborators. They won’t be able to stop talking about your brand.

94% Completion rate

The proportion of students who complete the online course they enrolled in has increased.

97% User Satisfaction

It generates pleasant and relaxed spaces that will facilitate learning.

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