Dinside Contact Center

Platform that involves all stages of management of an organization based on the relationship with its customer, allowing to administer and manage the entire customer lifecycle.
Manage your customer service and after-sales processes.

Hero Contact Center

Your communication channels in one place

Dinside Contact Center CRM® is a customizable platform that engages and understands the specificity of your business niche.
Enabling the tracking of marketing campaigns and management of business opportunities, predictive capabilities and sales forecasting.

Customers using Dinside Contact Center

Our customers have increased their productivity within after-sales and customer service.

Benefits of Dinside Contact Center

What channels do we use?

Our platform offers a diversity of service channels which are connected through gateways to offer a more complete service focused on customer satisfaction. Channels for your after-sales services:


Need to talk to someone? or do you have any questions?

You can consult our experts and they will contact you directly.
Our team is trained to give you the best attention and solve any doubt.

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Plan Dinside Consulta

What problems do we solve?

We help you

We look for a customized solution for you and your business so you can get the most out of your CRM.

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