Dinside CRM Real Estate

A software to manage all the processes of your real estate. With simple processes, no paper documentation and everything automated from the cloud to work offline.

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The new era of Real Estate

Dinside BPM Real Estate manages real estate processes and reduces the amount of paperwork to simplify it in a single app in order to have a lifetime record and to be able to evaluate them in detail to automate processes and tasks.

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We develop Online and Offline Apps to systematize your analog processes in the field. A simple and intuitive tool to digitally transform the experience of your customers and/or collaborators.

They are highly scalable solutions, created by PLANDINSIDE with automated diagnostic processes for large industries.

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Generate workflows and optimize your time

We provide you with tools with which your company will achieve success and generate greater profitability in the short, medium and long term.

Workflows simplify your tasks

Identify repetitive and analogous processes that are wasting your time and generating an overload of work.

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Forget about complex processes or unintuitive systems, Dinside is your allied tool for the implementation of better optimized processes.

Note that you will now have all your processes within a single screen thanks to the Dinside integration, which makes all your channels connect with each other.

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