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Our purpose is to humanize digital transformation,
through the innovation of business platforms.

Who we are

PlandDinside® has been working since 2010 improving management processes in companies and supporting the commercial development of our clients, through IT support and strategic marketing tools.

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Plan Dinside Mision


Our products and services allow us to systematize processes that support effective and efficient business management, accompanying you on the path of digital transformation.

Plan Dinside Valores


Trust, collaborative work, commitment, innovation, empathy, quality and respect.

Plan Dinside Vision


To be a leading company in the development of innovative solutions at a global level that adapt to the needs of our clients, promoting organizational wellbeing and environmental awareness.

Our work team

Giovanna Avilés

CEO, Commercial Manager
Plan Dinside©

Natalia Peralta

Service Quality Supervisor
Plan Dinside©

Leonidas Díaz

IT Manager
Plan Dinside©

Pablo Leiva

COO, Development and Innovation Manager
Plan Dinside©

Liliana González

Platform Supervisor
Plan Dinside©

Bastián Novoa

Software Developer
Plan Dinside©

Ariel Graveran

Senior Developer
Plan Dinside©
Product Manager & PR

Valentina Leiva

Product Manager & PR
Plan Dinside©

Gustavo Sánchez

Marketing Designer
Plan Dinside©
Ejecutiva Contact Center

Margarita Gallardo

Contact Center Executive
Plan Dinside©
Dinsy Planning

Dinsy Planning

Public Relations Executive
Plan Dinside©

Corporate Structure

Welcome to PlanDinside's corporate structure.

PlanDinside's corporate structure consists of Global Business Units, Sales and Market Operations, Global Business Services and Corporate Functions.

Customer experience and intuitive tools for users.

Principles of PlanDinside’s Privacy Policy.

I) Legality: i.e., the processing of personal data will occur only with the legal authorization or consent of the owner.

II) Purpose: to use the data for the purposes for which they were requested.

III) Proportionality: data should be used only to the extent necessary.

IV) Responsibility: once the personal data has been processed, the company is responsible for compliance with principles, obligations and duties in accordance with the law.

V) Security: The processing of personal data is carried out through the use of technological tools that have adequate and sufficient security measures, in order to avoid unauthorized processing of data, and prevent its loss, deterioration, filtration or destruction, under a proper risk management organization.

VI) Confidentiality: the company is obliged to keep personal data confidential.

VII) Minimization of data: the company will endeavor to request the least amount of data as long as it is necessary for the corresponding purposes.

VIII) Temporality: the data must be kept as long as they are necessary.

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