JetSmart Case Study

JetSMART is a Low Cost airline created by Indigo Partners, a private equity fund that has more than 20 years of experience successfully developing Ultra Low Cost airlines worldwide and is a partner of American Airlines. It is led by a first class team, multiple nationalities and many years of experience in the Latin American and worldwide airline market.

Pain and challenges:

On the road to Digital Transformation JetSmart encounters the need to combine CRM with BPM i.e.: CEM PlanDinside (CUSTOMERS EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT).

After looking at more than 10 companies, he chose PlanDinside for flexibility, support, and for meeting these needs.


Our proposed solution is CEM Dinside. Our model allows centralizing and automating some processes such as the integration of communication channels, integration of satellite systems that the company has. Once centralized, we improve the experience for both the user and the end customer.

BPM has a configuration and automation of areas, processes, sub-processes, phases and tasks. In such a way that it allowed a configuration in a short time to systematize/automate JetSmart processes.

Our model is intuitive and customer-focused.

We invite you to watch Rodrigo Osorio’s video testimony.

We invite you to see our Journey

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