It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we kick off this new challenge together with our co-workers: OUR FIRST PLANDINSIDE WORK CAST!

Our Work Cast is a collaborative instance whose objective is to offer training and education, to develop skills in any walk of life. It is our purpose as a company this year 2023: TO HUMANIZE TECHNOLOGY…and first we start at home.

We want each of our employees to develop both professionally and personally, enhancing their qualities as human beings as a whole.

Our first Work Cast, dictated by our Head of Software Development -Anabele González- was entitled “Improving my professional image on LinkedIn”.

We were very attentive and understood the importance of this network that allows you to reach professionals and companies. Moreover, with an approach based on trust and a good opinion of you.

Anabele taught us in detail the Step by Step of activating our account and all the necessary tips to make this presentation to the world as efficient as possible, generating the confidence we want to transmit.

We are very grateful for this opportunity! Thank you Anabele!

Check our video also on VIMEO platform.

If you are interested in participating in one of our Work Classes, register here:

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