We are members of the Chilean Chamber of Commerce of Santiago.

We are very happy to announce that as of this month, PlanDinside becomes a member of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce AG.

What is CCS?

It is the Institution dedicated to mediate for the interests and welfare of the Companies of the country, before the Authorities or Government of the day.

Promotes the development of SMEs and provides tools to partner companies to make them profitable and sustainable in the long term.

What are the benefits of CCS membership?

1. Legal status and a commercial identity in the eyes of other companies.
2. Conduct business easily with other companies or persons given the conditions of existence and legal representation provided by the Commercial Registration. Networking and Networking!
3 Access the broad portfolio of business support services offered by the CCB.
4. A registered company has the legal backing that is supported by the documentation preserved by the CCB when the company obtains its registration.

We continue to advance in our purpose!

Dinside platforms:

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