ITT Client Testimonial in Chile and Conosur.

We have worked with the company PlanDinside, from the most complex period as was the start of Covid 2020, with the BPM DInside ITT, we have managed to systematize several processes that were totally analogous, we have decreased management times, document administration and a better performance for our mechanical and commercial Engineers.
PlanDinside programmed an App, for our Inspection and reporting processes to improve response times with our customers. In this sense, they created a platform tailored to our industry and needs, they have been able to adapt to the various challenges of systematization and today they are a tool that allows us to be efficient operationally and in response time for our customers;
And today we are addressing the solution to be used in several languages for the entire organization worldwide.

Samuel Gabay
ITT – Engineering Manager & Aftermarket Latin America.

Dinside platforms:

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