September 18

Finally! Viva Chile and arrived at PlanDinside presential, we needed it…!

What better way to celebrate and share the Fiestas Patrias than anything else!!! We are Chileans, it is our identity that prevails, it is what defines us as a Nation, a country far from everything, with a special character, which today welcomes so many nations to share with us.

I feel that every day Chileans enjoy more and more the national holidays and its meaning, we are very supportive, cheerful and mischievous. And the 18th is for living these qualities. We share the meaning, but the enthusiasm is personal.

Without a doubt we did it, we danced, played, clowned, sang, played, and played with a particular joy, the mere fact of BEING, was so different, so emotional and entertaining.

Thanks Team, the organizers and those who compose PlanDinside.
Because the enthusiasm we experienced only reflects that we are a happy team, with a common goal. BE MORE.

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